Through the years, we have assembled highly skilled surveyors with experience in land development projects, which start from small land subdivisions to large scale community subdivisions, parklands, and associated civil surveying.

There are hundreds of land development companies, but only a few that can be hand-picked when it comes to land development survey projects. Our expert surveyors have experience with local councils, this assists to expedite the council processes.  Licensed surveyors from our team provide expert advice and undertake subdivisions, boundaries, and all other cadastral services. Land Development Real Estate is just one of the great expertise our team has to offer, which will give you excellent results on your project.

Our land development survey services provide professional consulting services to a range of clients and typically advising them on council requirements and state planning legislation. We legally define dimensions of new and existing land, reserves, easements, and strata titles. Our team of land surveyors design and project manage sustainable urban and rural subdivisions for commercial and residential developments, in accordance with state and local government development principles, including water sensitive urban design, habitat preservation, and all other restrictions.


All subdivisions must be undertaken by a Registered Surveyor. TSS’s Cadastral team can help with this whether it is a small boundary adjustment, or a large-scale land development. Our team can prepare all the survey related documents like Deposited Plan, Administration Sheet, 88b and any other documents that may be required for your development. We can also assist with the whole subdivision process including project management of other consultants required for that process, preparing documentation for subdivision certificates, consulting with utility authorities to get signoffs.


Strata Subdivision is the way that an apartment building or unit development can be subdivided. We work with large and small developers to prepare strata subdivision plans that manage the common property and assets of the developments in a way that is fair for all parties. The management of common property, and how a strata scheme works can be very complicated. If it is not done clearly, it can cause a lot of issues years later.

We can also help with Staged Strata, Stratums and Building Management Statements for large scale developments where the works may be completed in multiple stages, or the building has different uses that need to be managed under different rules.

Planning / Development Application (DA)

TSS provides full planning services. We can provide feasibility advice on development opportunities for large and small projects. We work with both the Local and State Government on projects and can assist you in getting Development consent or complying development approval. The DA process involves providing an Assessment of Environmental Effects Report along with supporting evidence from professionals to show that your development proposal complies with the local and state guidelines like SEPP & LEP and is in general accordance with the likes of the DCP.  Our team can help you navigate this process and provide technical and project management support for your development.

Engineering Design

Our team can provide engineering design services for the civil works on your project. Surveyors bring a different perspective to the design process, as we are involved in the whole development process from the initial feasibility study to the creation of titles. We can help provide design outcomes that optimise a development to the developers’ requirements. Whether that be designing it so the works can be staged or undertaking design for a whole precinct and understanding how the current projects fits within the overall plan.

We use 12d which is an industry standard design package which allows for fast design revision and allows for an interactive design process to create the best outcomes in a small about of time. Our team is heavily involved in land development construction, we understand that it is important to understand construction costing whilst designing. We can provide construction estimates based upon industry standard costing and have experience to provide you advice on how much your project is going to cost and provide the most effective design. We also work with the client to help provide project costing that they may be tendering, as we are able to provide lengths, areas and volumes quickly and accurately from design information to better estimate the cost to build a project.

General Consulting

Our knowledgeable team provide general surveying consulting services for Cadastral, Engineering, Construction and Civil. We have a diverse team of professionals who work in different fields that can help you from the start to end of any Land Development project. Contact us to talk to one of the team.