3D Laser Scanning is a different way to survey and capture information. Traditional method surveying will survey the points of interest, while laser scanning allows the bulk collection of spatial data. Scanning can collect up to 1 million points per second. This then creates a dense point cloud that needs to be processed.

Scanning is great for projects where:

  • A high level of detail is required
  • Access to site is limited and survey must be done quickly
  • Part of the site required to be surveyed is not physically accessible, for safety or practical reasons
  • Scope of what is required to be surveyed is complete and more information may be required later
  • BIM modelling of as-built structures is required.

Once the data has been acquired, it then needs processing, the point clouds which are in the millions to billions of points and can be colourised and the intensity of the surface measure shown. From this, we can create various outputs to meet a project’s specifications: 3D BIM model, reduce point cloud without noise, a surface or a combination of the three. This information can then be passed onto other professionals allowing them to complete their job.