TSS’s civil surveying team provide services for all land development, infrastructure, building, mining and marine projects.

The civil team are experts at not only providing set out on these projects, but also utilising technology solutions, data managements, calibrations and troubleshooting, to keep projects running and provide solutions to increase safety and efficiency.

General Civil Works

Our surveyors will manage projects from site establishment to final as-builts, and signoff of a project. Providing: site establishment, boundary marking, set out, benchmarks, volumes, pickups, QA checks, conformances, as-builts and work with the site team to minimise delays and keep a project running. 

Dimensional Control

TSS surveyors are experienced in utilising different methodologies to provide high accuracy control for projects that have low tolerances. Using different equipment and methodology can provide the higher-level accuracy, that a traditional civil site requires. This is often the case where whole, or parts of a structure have to be prefabricated off site and need to fit within millimetres when they arrive. 


TSS has extensive GPS experience, whether it is undertaking high accuracy static GPS control surveys, to using RTK for topographical surveys of stockpiles, or GPS machine control.

We have our own GPS hire fleet, which can be hired by companies for foreman and site teams to undertake their own basic set out and QA checks.  This can provide huge time and cost savings with surveyors not being required for gross checks.  As part of this service, TSS provide training for the site teams and build all the 3d models that are required for the works and provide technical and troubleshooting when problems arise.  We also work with clients that have their own GPS unit and provide the same level of support.

Machine Control

Our team also have extensive experience managing machine control systems, including, creating the models for the machines, establishing the control and providing any site calibrations required. Machine control is a huge advantage to clients, as it allows operators to work autonomously which provides an increase in productivity and safety.