Council Compliant Detail Survey

A detail survey is most commonly used as an initial survey for the purposes of a development application. Examples in which a detail survey would be required, are a knockdown rebuild, granny flat, house extension, swimming pool, landscaping and garage addition. A detail survey is a plan that shows the features and levels across a property and any relevant adjoining property that maybe required. It will be used by builders/architects/draftsman to design any future works. The survey must also be lodged as part of a DA or complying development to your local Government authority or private certifier. The amount of detail shown varies from job to job and is dependent on the information required by the Council for development application purposes, or your architect’s scope of work required.

** It is recommended a boundary definition survey be undertaken with all detail surveys as most Local Councils require it **

Boundary Definition Survey

A boundary definition survey is where we mark the boundary corners and provide a plan showing what we have marked. This allows you to see on the ground where the extent of your property is. It may be required for construction purposes for example, home extensions, retaining walls and/or swimming pools, as this allows the builder to build in the correct location.

House Set Out Survey

Once a construction certificate has been granted for a new house, house extension, granny flat, garage or swimming pool application, a house set out survey will be required to accurately mark out the proposed new works in relation to boundaries. This will need to be done as the Council or certifier will require a final occupation survey once construction has been completed. This will show the new structure in relation to the boundary. If this does not match, final approval cannot be granted. 

Identification Survey

An identification survey identifies existing buildings and improvements on a block of land, as well and any limitation from the title. It is recommended to have an ident survey done prior to purchasing a property, to protect against any potential disputes. It also gives the purchaser an understanding of any existence of easements, covenants and restrictions on the use of the land, and whether the subject land complies with the conditions. It also shows the distances of the walls, eaves and/or gutters from the boundaries of the property, or if there are any encroachments. A site plan and report are provided on the completion of this work.

Final Occupation Survey

The final occupation survey is one requirement to gain your occupation certificate on the completion of new works. Councils potentially will not issue garbage bins, and banks may not release final payments until this has been completed. A sketch showing the completed works in relation to boundaries is supplied to ensure that it corresponds with the proposed design plans.