An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Drone or Remote Pilot Aircraft (RPA) survey is one of the new ways in which a surveyor can acquire geospatial, use photography or LiDAR to create a point cloud of its flight path. Even though you can purchase a drone from your local JB HiFi and undertake the same survey for a relatively small cost, there are many things that need to be understood when undertaking the survey to get the deliverables you require, and you most likely will need CASA approval to fly your drone. Our team are CASA Qualified RPAS pilots.

The main applications that Drone Surveys are used for are:

  • Imagery and Mapping 
    • Up to date and high accuracy aerial images
    • Large scale topographical surveys where general landform is required
  • Mining or Quarrying
    • Stockpiles volumes
    • Pit Surveys for Cut Volumes and material tracking
    • Future works and design 
  • Landfill 
    • Pit Surveys for Fill Volumes and material tracking and airspace volumes.
    • Future works and design