tss build with a solid foundation

Build With A Solid Foundation

Total Surveying Solutions is a team built with integrity, creativity, respect, and professionalism
tss plan with precision

Plan With Precision

provides an accurate and precise outline to guide a project to success, starting from the ground to up.
tss project experience

Project Experience

Experience is one of our main reasons why we are the most sought-after company in the industry

What We Do?

We, at Total Surveying Solutions (TSS), are very well-experienced professionals in all aspects of the Land Survey Engineering such as boundary and detail, feature surveys for engineering designs, construction layout and final as-built surveys. “Masters of all engineering surveys” is who we are, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with land survey local.

We have been specializing in commercial and council development projects which range from small restaurant sites to more complicated large campuses like any other Land Surveying Companies. Partnerships with engineering professionals have given us the experience and wisdom on how to provide a tremendous foundation for design professionals and experts to easily and accurately generate drawings.

There is no project hard enough for Total Surveying Solutions, you will be sure that every project will have great end results. Our headquarters is located at Sydney, NSW.

Why We Do It?

Every Local Land Survey company has a vision and a mission, and we are here to help make your goals come true. Land Surveying Australia, Total Surveying Solutions (TSS) is built to help create a world of magnificent structures for everyone, make the future more convenient and beautiful for us, for our children, and for future generations. We are a group of experts and professionals that are always ready to share our knowledge and experience for the good of others and with Land Surveying Technology.

When it comes to Land Surveying Industry like Building an accurate home or constructing a building, it is easy with Total Surveying Solutions. With our minds put together, we will produce high-quality results for construction projects, land development, civil tasks, and residential work. We are a chain in this world, made as one, fastened to help one another in a changing world that needs to be enhanced. That is why we do it for our people, for the good of others, and for the coming generations.

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George Fotaras

Design + Build Solutions
The level of service Total Surveying Solutions provide has benefited my business immensely. Design and Build Solutions has been using Total Surveying Solutions since 2011. The level of service they provide has benefited my business immensely. Before I started to use Total Surveying I would need to wait up to a month for a detailed survey to be completed. Total Surveying are very professional from start to end. From receiving quotes for surveys to receiving final plans with in 5-7 days is extraordinary. With Complying Development applications increasing every year clients want plans completed as quick as possible. Total Surveying helps me keep my clients happy. I am glad that I have Total Surveying to assist me in my projects

Tom Maric

MCAD Design
Total Surveying Solutions are very professional, well-resourced, quick to turn around their survey drawings and very cost effective I have worked with Total Surveying for 4 years on various projects. They are very professional, well-resourced, quick to turn around their survey drawings and very cost effective. I would highly recommend Total Surveying to anyone requiring their services.

Marcus Betts

Addstyle Home Editions
Total Surveying Solutions are reliable, fast and efficient in their work I have been using Total Surveying Solutions for all my residential projects for the past couple of years. They are reliable, fast and efficient in their work. A very friendly team who I’m sure I will continue to use and recommend in the future.

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Need a Land Survey?

We are experienced in all aspects of the land surveying field

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