Land surveyors work with in a large variety of industries such as construction, government, engineering firms, archaeology, and more, but exactly what is land surveying and what do land surveyors do?

Basically, Land Surveying uses modern technology and measuring devices to precisely measure and map out an area of land, including surface details, features and boundaries. There are a lot of situations in which this can be helpful, but they far too random to discuss one by one. Instead, this article will focus on the types of land surveys in Australia and they are used for.

When a building, road, underground pipeline, or anything else is to be constructed, the first step must always be to survey the land. This enables the architects to plan more precisely and accurately for what they are going to be constructing in a certain space. An up to date survey allows them to see exactly how much space is available, the precise shape of the property available, and what the landscape of the property is like. Information like this is essential to planning of building placement, types of materials, size of the constructed object, and more. For this reason, land surveyors are often employed by construction companies and are always first on site.

If there is a dispute over property lines, land ownership, construction rights, or otherwise between two parties there can be an inquiry made to a land surveyor who will then sort out the issue by retaking measurements based on the official property deeds. Any dispute at this point will be sorted out and resolved by the surveyor and officials based on government land and ownership laws.

Any time the specifications of a piece of land are needed than it is advisable to have a land surveyor come to measure and map the land. This could be when a property is being divided into multiple areas of land, when a property is up for sale, when a simple improvement such as a fence or wall is being put up, or anything other time when it is useful to know the exact land dimensions and landscape features.

In Australia there are very specific laws regarding what can be built in certain areas, how large of spaces are needed, and what sort of residential projects can be undertaken on a particular property. To assist in following these governmental guidelines it is helpful to get the services of a land surveyor. This action should be taken before any sort of construction is started.

Development surveys can help you determine when a development application (DA) is required to be submitted and when it is unnecessary. DA’s are very technical and it can often be helpful to get land surveying services in Australia to check the property even if you have looked over the property zoning rights yourself.

Land surveys are essential for many projects that take place every day, especially development and construction projects in Australia. Using today’s modern GPS technology, marking pegs, measuring tools, and an assortment of other technological software and onsite tools, land surveyors are able to measure land very accurately and produce a 3D model of it for use in the relevant projects. Land surveying covers the measurement and mapping of solid ground and over-ground landscapes while there are other forms of surveying which cover water, underground features, aerial features, etc.