Do You Need an Underground Utility Surveyor?

There is a possibility that you’re not that familiar with what you’re looking for. Yes, it’s true. Most people don’t know much (or don’t think much) about surveying and professional surveyors until they need some services. Well, that’s just a reality check; and you may be an exception. But if you’re not, then you landed on the right page! Learn every basic thing that you need to know about underground utility survey: its definition, what it encompasses, its importance, and the quality of service you can get.

Underground Utility Surveying Defined

Basically, it focuses on underground public utility mains. Surveyors identify and label such utility mains with the use of advanced technological equipment.

Underground utility surveying encompasses the following: electricity distribution, telecommunication lines, fiber optics, cable television, water mains, waste water pipes, storm drains, traffic lights, street lights, natural gas, rail and road tunnels, mass transit, major oil and gas pipelines, and national defensive communication lines.

‘Digging Deeper’ before the ‘Actual Digging’

Because of certain reasons, public utility systems are frequently run underground. It may be due to the nature of their function or for convenience and aesthetic purposes. Being a crucial task, digging may not be done until authorized professionals indicate and approve the locations of underground systems. This is an important requirement if the systems will be in the public right-of-way.

There are numerous types of material used in manufacturing underground lines. For this, experts use different techniques for detection and location. For instance, locating and detecting metal pipes and cables require electromagnetic equipment with a receiver and a transmitter. As for plastic or concrete pipes, surveyors use other radio location types or modern ground-penetrating radar.

For your information, maps frequently lack pinpoint precision, which is required for the purpose of having a proper clearance. This is a problem in older cities because maps are either imprecise or entirely missing. This explains the importance of underground utility surveying. It puts an end to the uncertainty regarding underground assets.

The Advanced Technology

As mentioned earlier, surveyors use advanced technological equipment in doing their jobs. As for underground utility surveyors, they use the latest GPS, GPR, EMI, and other survey technological tools. This enables them to provide technical assistance and survey solutions to clients in different industries.

Underground Utility Surveying Services

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