Total Surveying Solutions has specialist services using the latest equipment and methods that technology has today.

Aerial Survey

We provide a full range of aerial land services from Lidar Topographic Survey meaning Light Detection and Ranging or sometimes called Light Imaging, this is a detection system which work on the principle of radar but instead using light from a laser. Detection, And Ranging, 3D Land Surveying, Aerial Magnetic Survey to Aerial Roof Survey. Our specialists for Land Surveying using Drones has UAVs or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is piloted with the use of a remote control or a computer.

Utility Locating

Our professional Utility Locating Specialists carry enormous qualifications for all asset detection services in Australia, together with our licensed registered surveyors, we will provide data with sub-centimeter accuracy. Using state of the art technology, we will give a cost-effective and professional solution to save your project time and at the same time maximizing risk reduction.

Laser Scanning

TSS and our specialists use technologically advanced Laser Scanners for measurements for accurate measurements and allows a fast surveying or scan of structures and landscapes.

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