Do you plan to buy a house and lot? That’s a good investment! If you have the money, you might as well spend it on properties like real estate. Just make sure to ask the service of your localland surveyor before finalizing your purchase. Not familiar with land survey? That’s not surprising, actually. Many people don’t think much about surveying; some are not even aware of its importance. You’re probably one of those people; that’s why you landed on this article. But the good thing is that you’re willing to learn about surveying. Feel free to feed your mind with basic pieces of information about property survey and its importance.

Survey 101

Basically, surveying is the science of measuring and mapping certain portions of the earth’s surface. To do this, surveyors use advanced technological equipment. Working as a surveyor requires formal education, licensure, and further trainings. Should you want to land a job in the surveying field, you would need to have strong interest in math and science. You would need a lot of knowledge and determination to succeed. And most importantly, you should never get tired of continuously learning new things. Information on science and technology are updated from time and again; hence, the process of learning is truly never-ending.

The Land Surveyors

Land surveyors specialize in different subfields: boundary, topography, subdivision, construction, property, court exhibit, control, extended title insurance, and site planning. It is important to consider these specializations when hiring a surveyor to make sure that you’ll get the best services for your needs.

A Close Look at a Land Surveyor’s Job

So, why do you really need the service of a professional land surveyor? First off, he or she can help you find out the boundary measurements of the land that you plan to buy. Wondering if trees, fences, etc. actually lie on your prospective property? Land surveyors can give you the answer! They can also determine if there is intrusion of the property that you plan to buy; for instance, a portion of a house stands on your prospective land.

Furthermore, surveyors can help you regarding zoning and wetland and building regulations. If you want to buy a land and eventually build on it, they can help you identify possible problems. The same thing goes when you plan to buy a land that may be hard to build on. Your surveyor will help you determine potential problems and look for possible solutions. Do you want to make further actions with a particular land? If so, talk to your surveyor too!  These facts explain why it’s best to ask the service of a surveyor before finalizing your purchase plan.

The Actual Survey and Examination of the Property

What if the current owner of your potential property gives you an old survey? Should you rely on it? The answer is no. Several changes might have been done to the land, and the old survey might not include such changes. For this, you should still push through with hiring a professional surveyor. You may also want to put permanent markers that will help you determine the boundary of the land. Know every detail that you need to know about the property. Also, you should secure a copy of each necessary document that you need to have – ownership information, property profile, tax information, and other important characteristics. It is important to closely look at the entire property to have a feel of it.

Again, it is important to do the land surveybefore completing your purchase. You need to be fully aware of all the necessary information about the property you are buying. Everything should be in black and white; everything should give you up-to-date details. And yes, a land surveyor contributes a lot in making this happen. He or she can help you if problems occur. But most importantly, he or she can help you determine if a certain property is the right one for you. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong property, do you? “Wrong” means it cannot give you what you need or what you expect it can give you. You don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a property, and find out later on that you can’t execute your plans for it.

With all the basic details discussed above, you are probably convinced about the importance of asking the service of your local land surveyor before purchasing a property. Land survey is indeed very crucial; hence, it is also important for aspiring property owners like you to learn about it. Do your research; learn about everything that you should know. What is at stake here is your money. Real estate is a big investment and you wouldn’t want to make a mistake on purchasing a property. Finalizing your purchase without hiring a professional is one wrong move; take note of that.