TSS land development projects are handled with extreme talent and skill combined with engineering resources partnered with good relationships. Subdivision planning and feasibility studies are done accordingly for commercial and industrial development. Providing detailed surveys in all aspects.

Our highly-skilled experts and professionals in land development projects starting from small land subdivisions to large scale community subdivisions, parklands and everything between civil surveying. The experience we have with local councils help expedite all council processes. Licensed surveyors from TSS will provide expert advice and undertake subdivisions, boundaries and all other cadastral service.

Warriewood Residential Subdivision

land development warriewood residential subdivision
  • ClientKillard Excavation
  • DurationApril 2016 - current
  • LocationWarriewood NSW

Subdivision surveys, detail & feature surveys, and all associated civil surveying for roads, pathways, sub-catchment areas and OSD basins.

Shell Cove Subdivision

land development shell cove subdivision
  • ClientBMD Constructions
  • DurationMay 2014 - April 2015
  • LocationShell Cove NSW

Lots:  134 residential lots, 1 school lot, 1 public reserve, 1 residue lot for future medium density housing

Subdivision surveys, detail & feature surveys for school lot, public reserve and residue lot. All associated civil surveying for roads & pathways throughout the community.